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Kid Bears
Boat Best for 3 to 10 Bears
Price $29.99
Item # SKU-1074F-CIC
Size 8 X 5"
Weight 3.0 lbs
A Beary Unique Gift for Couple?
Design this bear figurine, Personalized Free!

The handmade hand painted solid boat comes with the couple bears. It's ready for you to add their names and a saying for free personalizing.

More boaters? Put them (up to 8 extra bears) in the rear.

Enjoy our expert craftsmanship since 1988!

Parents and up to Kids on Boat, Personalized Gifts for Couples and Family!
The Teddy Bear Couple and Family Sailing on an Unsinkable Love Boat with optional kid bears and accessories. Solid quality for over 3 Lbs, 8" ready for you to put all names and expressive custom message! Simply a beary best family gift that will be treasured for years to come!

Enjoy our 25-year craftsmanship and Free Personalizing!