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About this chair
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  • Personalizing includes the bear names and saying or message.
  • It is handwritten by an artist with at least 3-year experience.
  • We'll use the font we developed in the 22 years. See a sample:
  • It is free of charge, as far as we feel it fits the chair nicely.
  • It's in capital letters.
  • It's on the chair or bear heart.
  • It will be the black writing on light colored chairs or white painting on dark colored ones.
  • The names will be nicely centered by and close to the related bears.
  • The message will be nicely centered on a chair or on a heart.
  • The letters will be in a similar size and aligned up down a little bit. This design adds the crafty looking.
  • If a name or saying does not fit well, we will contact you before creating.

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  • Arrangement How will your bears, bear names and accessories be placed on a chair?
    There are so many things involved. It seems impossible to compile a full list and address one by one.
    Fortunately we've developed the three generally accepted rules from our ten-year online experience.

    Rule 1, Center: Everything will be centered.

    • Q: Couch back-top offers 7 spots. What if I ordered 5 bears?
    • A: It's normal. It's perfectly fine.
      • Your 5 bears will occupy the whole section.
      • The space between any two bears are pretty even.
      • The space between any two names are pretty even, too.
    • The above "Center Rule" applies to the placement for bears, names, saying and accessories.
    Rule 2, Nice: Everything should be arranged nicely.
    • A name will be close to the bear.
    • The space between bears in one section will be pretty even.
    • Writing will be sized properly for the space a chair offers.
    • A crown will be on the bear head. A basketball may be on the hand. A pillow will be on the chair.
    • What is considered nice or not? Our experience plays a big role.
    Rule 3, Special:
    • You can ask for an exception. If, for any reason, such as you want to reserve a space for an unborn, you can put "do not center the bears..." in the Comment Box at Checkout. We will follow your instructions accordingly.
    • If the bears cannot be centered for a reason, we will arrange them according to our experience or contact you if we feel necessary.
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    Pricing Bears in Chairs is priced for the parts used for a custom creation.
    "Parts" include the chair, add-on bears and added accessories.
    When selecting, you will see the part cost listed in the menu and the real time final price shown aside interactively.

    You can adjust the total cost by changing the chair, bears and accessories.

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