Ribbon N Hair Bow
Name Max 10 Chara.
Saying Max 18 Chara.
Bear Present Personalized for Best Mom's 82nd Birthday
Price $19.99
Item # SKU-C1081Q-M82
3 1/4 X 3 1/4"
1.0 lbs
Personalized Teddy Bear Figurine,
Wearing a Queen's Crown,
Holding a Birthday Present and a Bunch of Colorful Balloons

A unique affordable birthday gift for any woman.
  • It's handmade and custom designed. Solid, over 3" 1 lb.
  • She wears a bow in her hair. The present has a bow on the top in the matching color. Select the color you like: pink, magenta, red or purple.
  • Artist will coordinate the bow and balloon colors.
  • The names and saying will be handwritten free.

Beary Best Birthday Present for Crowned Mom, The handmade solid girl bear, wearing an elegant queen's crown, holding a birthday present and a bunch of colorful balloons, a unique teddy bear figurine, a beary affordable birthday gift for any woman, ready for you to add name and saying for free personalizing! Select the color you like.