Bears in Chairs

Bears in Chairs, Gifts You Design since 1988, as always Personalized Free. You will choose a chair from several different kind of styles and sizes. The select and add bears and type names for Free personalizing. For more personal touch? Add dogs and accessories.

You will see our unique teddy bears in different sizes and colors, boys and girls, males and females, kids and adults, couples and singles. Our chairs include little cozy arm chairs, loveseats or love seats, couches and sofas. All of them are handmade in solid quality, ceramic style.

Create your unique gift and personalize it the way you like. It'll be totally your own creation, customized to your specification, truly one-of-a-kind. No two pieces are alike in the entire world! Unique personalizing, custom creation and cute accessories separate Bears in Chairs from other gift ideas, making us truly one-of-kind gifts!

To start your creation and enjoy our 26-year craftsmanship, choose a chair below!