About Us: Custom Chairs Hold Solid Teddy Bears with Names Personalized Free


A unique gift idea, Bears in ChairsTM was born in Florida in 1988. It was named Bear Family Sofa, then Bears. Etc. Now as a business headquartered in Hainesport, New Jersey, Bears in Chairs creates its own solid teddy bears and bear accessories, and sells online exclusively to consumer customers. We do NOT support retailers any more.

Samples of Bears in Chairs

Bears in Chairs, a Custom Gift Idea      Top

    A unique personalized gift idea since 1988, Bears in ChairsTM lets customers create their own gifts by putting their favorite teddy bears on a "chair" with the names and saying personalized (handwritten) free. To get an extra personal touch and make the personalized gifts more personal, customers can add the impressive accessories such as roses, dog shih tzu, football, laptop, birthday cake, remote, Christmas tree...

    A truly one-of-a-kind gift idea, Bears in Chairs has pleased millions of moms, dads, grandmas, grandpas, parents, grandparents, co-workers and bosses of all occupations, from the North America, Australia, Europe and Asia.

Bears in Chairs Features:      Top
  • Fully customized. Customers decide the number of bears and select the type of bears and chairs, the way to set up and to personalize. Bears in Chairs is a totally personal creation.
  • Many choices of "chairs."
  • Little Chair
  • Loveseat
  • His Recliner
  • Her Recliner
  • Couch, Med
  • Couch, Traditional
  • Couch, Conventional
  • Combo, Small
  • Combo, Jumbo
  • His Throne
  • Boats and etc.
  • Plaques, Frame
  • Plaques, House
  • Office Desks
  • Business Card Holders
  • Wide selection of solid teddy bears. Male & female; single & couple; adult, kids & babies; sitting, leaning, kissing & hugging; various sports players, coaches and professional figurines.
  • Unique personalizing. All names, sayings & messages are handwritten by experienced artists, no machine or stencil allowed. All Bears in Chairs gifts are original.
  • Expressive accessories. Bears in Chairs are beary personalized gifts with a real personal touch. This stems from the custom creation and unique personalizing of names and appropriate sayings. If you want to make a Bears in Chairs gift more meaningful, you can select from hundreds of impressive accessories and add them to some or all of the teddy bears you have selected. When you have a Bears in Chairs gift for your friend's family, for example, beary much they appreciate you knowing the family members, their names, etc. What if your Bears in Chairs include the accessories showing their interests, hobbies, belief, activities and pets? They will be much more moved, and treasure your Bears in Chairs for years! See some accessories.
  • Meeting all gift needs. The wide selection of chairs and bears, the free personalizing of names and expressive sayings, makes Bears in Chairs a complete gift solution. Regardless if it's a gift for a family of four or a team of 70, or if it's for your family reunion or for your son's housewarming, you can easily create the right unique gift that will be treasured for years.
  • No two pieces alike. Bears in Chairs doesn't offer standard products. All Bears in Chairs gifts are customized and personalized so every gift has its unique bear mix, colors, names, sayings and accessories that are always different from others. When you own a Bears in chairs gift, you have the art nobody else has.
  • Treasured for years. A Bears in Chairs gift for a family includes all members and can be updated for new babies or other additions. A retirement plaque with the co-workers will be kept for the rest of the retiree's life.
  • High quality. Handmade of resin. Detailed hand painted. Solid up to 6 pounds for a set. Beary hard to break. Lasting for a lifetime.
Born as Bear Family Sofa     Top
    A young talented artist and a teddy bear collector in Pembroke Pines, Florida, Sheila Philipp, believed a teddy bear was the closest friend of our human being. In 1988, Sheila sculptured several pieces of inch-tall solid teddy bears. Showing them to her neighbors and giving to her friends, Sheila found that people really loved her bears. A grandma even wanted to pay for five bears, two big ones for her husband and her, two little boys as her grandsons and one little girl as her granddaughter. Sheila learned that "My teddy bears can represent people. If my bears are cute and unique, people would like to have. If my bears can represent family, and we have a unique manner to put them together, people who look for family gifts will love my bears even more." Sheila started trying to find out what a family shares most at home. She made a long list over several days and decided with her friends, the sofa was the #1 pick! Bear Family Sofa was born.
Grew as Bears Etc.     Top
    Wasting no time, Sheila added several bears and chairs to her creations. Now her bear family included couple, and single boy & girl. Those bears now could be placed on a little chair, or a long sofa. Encouraged by her neighbors, friends and family, Sheila decided to test her "Bear Family Sofa" in the market. She was active in the local flea markets, craft shows and house parties. She found she had to sell her bears short. More, small businesses wanted to sell her bears, too. She decided to open a workshop in Miramar, Florida, and name her business as "Bears, Etc." The same year, she opened the first kiosk (pushcart) in the Pembroke Lake Mall. Then she quickly expanded her operations to Saw Grass Mills, Broward Mall, Boca Raton Town Center, Miami International Mall and Plantation Fashion Center. After that, dozens of kiosks started carrying Bears Etc. in Florida and other states. Early 1990, Bears Etc. experienced beary fast expansion. The workshop had some 300 painters then. In 1996, Sheila opened over a dozen pushcarts in Atlanta, GA, for the event of the Centennial Olympics. Bears, Etc. became well known in the USA and in the world.
Merged to Bears in Chairs     Top
    Bears in Chairs started out selling Bears Etc. in 1998 at a small kiosk in Garden State Plaza, Paramus, New Jersey, together with Vermont Teddy Bears, Gund, Boyds Bears, Russ Bears and Bearington. However, little by little, the handmade ceramic bears from Bears, Etc. captured the hearts of our clientele. Their bearish charm coupled with a personalized chair and miniature accessories made them into our bestselling products. We couldn't fill the orders fast enough! To keep up with the overwhelming demand for our beary friends, we had no choice but to open more stores! We ventured out to malls in New York, Connecticut, and South Jersey, followed by the joy and smiles that our bears brought. We even received orders from travelers from other states and as far away as Canada, Australia and Europe. Customers just keep coming back even after moving away! It is beary often that grandmothers bring their existing Bears in Chairs to our stores and ask us to add new baby bears with their grandchildren's names personalized. Now Bears in Chairs are becoming a lot of family's heirlooms. In 1999, we started offering our products on the web making those creative bears more accessible to the whole world. Due to the tremendous response, in early 2002, we acquired Bears Etc. the business, copyrights and know-how. We have more than 100 distributors, including more than a dozen Bears in ChairsTM outlets in New York Metro and Florida. We opened our own workshop creating those solid bears. Now we sell to consumers exclusively eliminating all middlemen and passing the savings to our customers.