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"Hang Out" in Bear Aunt's House Plaque
Price $25.99
Item # SKU-98E06
7.5 x 9"
1.75 lbs

"Hang Out" in Bear Aunt's House Plaque, Custom Mothers Day Gift, with Names and Message Personalized Free! You can personalize this Bears on Plaques gift for any mother, grandmother, parents, aunt, sister for Mothers Day, birthday, holiday...
Bears on PlaquesPlaque Facts
To create your plaque, select bears & type names in the menu to the left.

The above diagram just shows you where your bears and names will be. Actual size is much larger than picture. Note the measurement above. All names and saying will be handwritten. Bears and personalizing will be centered nicely. If you want a position filled without a bear, put No Bear in the name box. We'll center everything.

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Frame Plaque

House Plaque

White Plaque
N/A 1 Bear 1 Bear
N/A 2 Bears 2 Bears
3 Bears 3 Bears 3 Bears
4 Bears 4 Bears N/A
5 Bears 5 Bears N/A
6 Bears 6 Bears N/A
7 Bears 7 Bears N/A
8 Bears 8 Bears N/A
9 Bears 9 Bears N/A
More Bears More Bears N/A

"Hang Out" in Bear Aunt's House Plaque, Custom Mothers Day Gift, with Names and Message Personalized Free! Woman Loves Teddy Bears. Mothers Love Family. Bears on Plaques, Gifts You Design, Perfect Mothers Day Gifts, so Unique, so Special that a Mom, Grand mom, Aunt, Sister will Treasure for Years to Come!

Plaque Facts
Bears in Chairs, Gifts You Design! A Custom Personalized Gift Idea Since 1988!
Introducing New Custom Family Gift Idea, Bears on Plaques, Gifts You Design!
Gift ideaCustomers select teddy bears, add on plaques and get the bear names & saying personalized (hand written) FREE of charge.
QualityDetail hand painted & handmade solid of resin. Plaques have tree designed frame & wood grain front.
QuantityPlaques can hold 1-60 bears.
Teddy bearsTeddy bear figurines and heads include boy and girl. Girls wear a hair bow in color of our choice.
PersonalizingBear names and saying are handwritten by our well trained artists in our own bearish font, FREE of charge.
All occasionsThanks to the personalizing and custom selection of bears, Bears on Plaques are truly one-of-a-kind gift idea great for all gift occasions. Simply working on a sample you like, select the bears, type the names and give an expressive saying such as Happy Mother's Day, Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas...
PurposeA set of Bears on Plaques is a beary unique personalized long lasting decor to home, office, company, business. It's equipped to stand on desk, table, mantel or hang on door or wall.
AffordableA Family Bears on Plaques can be under $20.
MeasurementIt's 6-12" tall, about 2 lbs. The exact detail is located by the price.
DeliveryWe will create your Bears on Plaques in 1-3 days or faster.