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50th Anniversary Gift Personalized Plaque with 5 Family Bears
Price $25.99 $25.99
Item # SKU-91F25-G16
8 1/2"
2.0 lbs
Personalized Gifts for Couples: Frame Plaque for 5 Bears

Make a perfect gift for any family of five or five best friends! Simply add the bear names and saying for us to hand write in our bearish crafty font, free of charge. Need a girl bear? Add a hair bow in your favorite color!

Plaque handmade hand painted
with our 26-Year Craftsmanship.
6.5 x 8.5" for 2 lbs, long lasting
Equipped to stand or hang.
Great decor to wall or tabletop.

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50th Anniversary Gift Personalized Plaque with 5 Family Bears

Bears on Plaques, a new creative unique gift idea from Bears in Chairs, Gifts You Design, a personalized gift idea since 1988! The handmade frame plaque comes with the added adorable teddy bear couple and three kids, ready for you to create a personalized gift by giving the names, gender and saying such as Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary for Free Handwritten Personalizing.

This Truly one-of-a-kind keepsake is equipped to stand or hang. It is a beary unique long lasting decoration to a door, wall, desk or fireplace mantel, at a beary affordable price.