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Pos. 2 Bear
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Pos. 3 Bear
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Pos. 4 Bear
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Pos. 5 Bear
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Pos. 7 Bear
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Bear Pop Pop and His Gang in Recliner
Price $24.99
Item # SKU-87704B-166
4 1/4 X 4 1/4"
3.25 lbs
This sample shows one of many ideas how this sofa can be custom designed as a great gift. You won't buy as is, but simply create your chair for dad with 0 to 8 kids:

  • Add bears & accessories at extra cost.
  • Type Names for Free Personalizing.

    What's Bears in Chairs, Gifts You Design?

    Create your unique gift now and make every family happy for years to come!


  • Bear Pop Pop and His Gang in Recliner   This is a gift creation tool for you to custom design Bears in Chairs gifts. Beary easy, you can create a unique family gift in your way and get the names personalized free, for holidays or occasions. Bears in Chairs are Gifts You Design! Create your own unique gift and personalize it the way you like, totally your own creation, customized to your spec, a truly one-of-a-kind keepsake.