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Leave Dad Bear Alone
Price $24.99
Item # SKU-1137Q10512-126
6 X 6"
3.0 lbs
Bears in Chairs, Gifts You Design!
A unique custom personalized gift idea since 1988!

Create your unique gift and personalize it in your way. It'll be your creation, customized to your spec, truly one-of-a-kind keepsake. Simply select your accessories, any additional bears and a plaque if needed and type names and saying!

Daddy's Quiet Time, a Unique Free Personalized gift that can be custom designed for father, grandfather, uncle, brother, friends, co-workers, or bosses for any occasion! A humorous gift that's sure to amuse him for his Birthday, Father's Day, Christmas or Bosses Day! Bears in Chairs, Gifts You Design! A Unique Personalized Gift Idea Since 1988!