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I-Create Gifts for Dad with 0-4 Kids
Price $9.99
Item # SKU-1015-126C
4 X 3"
1 lbs

Teddy Daddy Laying in Colored Jersey is ready for you to put a free saying. At extra cost, you can add up to 4 kid bears and the impressive accessories such as a king's crown, his favorite team hat and many more!


Personalized Fathers Day Gifts for Dad: Best for 1-5 Teddy Bears

Laying Man Bear Figurine in Colored Jersey, handmade solid, is ready for you to add kid teddy bears, boy or girl, with a custom message personalized free. For extra personal touch, get the impressive accessories. Give Him a Sports Hat or King's Crown He Deserves! Your beary special Father's Day gift will be treasured for years to come!