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Business Holder Creation Shop
Price $22.99 $19.99
Item # SKU-1103F
5" X 5.2"
2.0 lbs
Make Your Customer, Boss, Coworker Happy for Years to Come by Giving a Personalized Business Card Holder You Create for Them!
An Unforgettable Thank-You Gift!
A Long Lasting Client Display!
  • Handmade hand painted solid quality, 5" L, up to 2 lbs, with our 21-year craftsmanship.
  • Recipient name and title handwritten Free.
  • Truly one of a kind gift a professional will love and use for long.
  • The price is set to make it beary safe and proper to give and accept this ideal gift.
How to Create? Simply give the recipient name and title for free personalizing! More personal touch? Add tools & accessories at extra cost.
This teddy bear business card holder is a base for you to create a unique gift for him or her, customer or client, boss or co-worker, any professional from any occupation, for business appreciation, for Bosses Day, Secretary Day, Administrative Professionals Day, or any occasions. Personalized free, long lasting, this ideal corporate gift will be a perfect client display! The teddy bear business card holder comes with the rectangular nameplate and trapezoidal title bearer. Simply give the recipient's name and title for free personalizing! To add personal touch, buy the office tool accessories.
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